Shuttlers Policies

Our Policies are legal agreement between you and Shuttlers Metropolitan Mobility Company Limited and governs any claims that may be made by any User in relation to the Services.The provisions of these policies govern Your use of the services on Shuttlers’ website, and mobile application , and the relationship between You and Shuttlers.

Terms of use

The Terms of Use governs the relationship between You and Shuttlers and governs any claims that may be made by You or Shuttlers in relation to the Services.

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Statement describes your privacy rights regarding Our collection, use, storage, sharing and protection of your Personal Data. It applies to Our website, App and all other related applications, services.

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Refund Policy

We acknowledge that sometimes your trip may not go as expected. Where a trip does not go as planned, you may share your feedback by rating the trip or contacting our customer experience team on the app.

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Bahaviour Policy

The Shuttlers Passenger Behaviour Policy provides guidelines for all users. We aim is to raise the standard of both user and driver behaviour on the Shuttles.

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