Shuttlers is a multi-staff bus company set up to assist professionals in the Lagos metropolis and its environs to resolve the daily challenge of commuting to work - such as driving stress, hustling for buses, queuing for fuel, long waits for BRTs, and so on.

Shuttlers aim to improve the quality of life of professionals by transforming the daily commute time to a relaxing and comfortable time where they can read, snooze, or continue work. This is possible because Shuttlers operates buses and mini-vans that are air-conditioned and wifi-fitted and our drivers are professionally trained, cautious and courteous. 

Our service is great, convenient and affordable. We also have testimonials to that effect. 

So are you tired of Lagos stress? Then consider the new face of commuting! Shuttlers is here just for you.  Check our services and schedule page for more info on routes and you can sign-up to also get more personal information sent to you.