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One Way Route
  • Bus Stop to Bus Stop
  • Home Pickup or Office Drop off
  • To or Fro
  • Bus Stop to Bus Stop
  • To and Fro
  • Home Pick up
  • Internet Connectivity

Why you should use Shuttlers?

Saves Money

Save cost of commute to and fro work With fluctuating fuel prices; every time you shuttle you save!

Saves Time

Gain Time. Gain Freedom. Your Daily commute is time. You can't spend doing anything else.

Offers Safer Commute

Avoid “One Chance”…Ride with verified professionals

Saves Our Enviroment

Less cars on the road means less CO2 emissions. This is one of the leading green house gases and contributors to global warming.

Reduces Traffic Jam

With 1 shuttle bus 12-15 passengers we taken 10-15 cars off the road. Help reduce traffic jam in Lagos

How it Works

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What people say?

WiFi so fast!..Shuttlers is the best

Tofunmi Babatunde, ATP

What people say?

The Service is amazing. I enjoyed my ride and I'll always use Shuttlers

Detan Oyedele, PWC